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About us

O OOIZINE Guide is the first site that focuses on producing information about the cities of Oizumi, Ota, Isesaki and the Kanto region.

Our objective is to show the best that the region has to offer. Tips for the best places to eat, drink and have fun. Trade information and the best services available. Entertainment and news about everything interesting happening in the region.

Your event, photos, activities or any other type of information that is related to the Brazilian community that lives in Oizumi, Ota, Isesaki and the entire Kanto region can be part of the editorial content of Guia Ooizine. To do so, send a message to one of the following means:

email: contato@ooizine.com
Line/Whatsapp: 080-9449-1238
Messenger: @guiaooizine


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