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Gunma Natural History Museum

While attractions in nature such as mountains, lakes and parks are popular and sought after in Gunma Prefecture, the region also offers knowledge and other types of activities. The Natural History Museum is a combination of fun and information. Even more so if you travel with children. So consider a visit to the Gunma Natural History Museum and see below for more about the site.
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Photo for story about Gunma Natural History Museum
Photo: Ooizine Guide

About Gunma Natural History Museum

Located in Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture, the Natural History Museum is one of Japan's premier museums. Opened to the public in 1996, the site is an important center where you can deepen your knowledge about the origin of Planet Earth.

In this way, the objects, articles and pieces that make up its collection address themes that revolve around natural history. As well as the evolution of life on our planet, since the age of dinosaurs. But beyond that, the museum also showcases the riches of nature in Gunma Prefecture.

However, the highlight of the museum is its permanent collection. Because in it, there are fossils and skeletons of dinosaurs. The highlight is a full-scale replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a 15-meter-long skeleton of a Camarasaurus. Amazing, huh?

In addition, there is also a recreation of an archaeological excavation zone, which visitors can observe from above. If you are traveling with children, then it is the perfect program for the little ones, who will certainly be impressed by the museum.



Photo for story about Gunma Natural History Museum
Photo: Ooizine Guide

Interactive exhibits at Gunma Natural History Museum

Speaking of children, many museum exhibits are practical and interactive, where you can touch the exposed object, which attracts them even more. In addition, there are events related to natural history, with specific activities for young people. This is the case with Science Saturday, for example.

In the annual calendar there are also seasonal exhibitions, in spring, summer and autumn, with presentations and seminars on different subjects. The Natural History Museum also has an astronomical observatory.

That is, it is a complete tour for children and adults of all ages. Since they want to increase their concepts on the different themes or just have fun during an afternoon at the museum



Photo: Ooizine Guide

The 5 areas of the Museum

There are five areas that make up the museum. Below you can find out a little more about each one of them:



Photo for story about Gunma Natural History Museum
Photo: Ooizine Guide

Periods of Planet Earth

Where is the impressive replica of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, as well as more than 30 skeletons of different species of dinosaurs.



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Environment and Nature of Gunma

In this area there is a reproduction of some natural beauties of Gunma. For example, the beech forest.



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Darwin's room

We know Darwin because of his famous theory of natural selection. But he was also a naturalist with an interest in plants and minerals. The room shows Darwin's research and studies, related to the study of nature and animals.



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Humans in Nature

In this part of the museum, you can see and understand more about human evolution.


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Precious Planet Earth

The area shows about the preservation of Planet Earth. So, the question remains: what can each of us do to care more and protect the world we live in?

As it is a place with several exhibitions and lots of information and details, the visitation time is at least 2 hours. So, organize yourself to take the tour calmly. That way, you get to see the main attractions of the museum.


General information


Address: 1674-1 Kamikuroiwa, Tomioka
Hours: every day (except Monday), from 9:30 am to 17:16 pm. But pay attention, because the last entry takes place until 30:XNUMX.
Price: ¥510 (whole), ¥300 (university students) and admission is free for high school students and lower. On-site parking is free.

How to get to the Natural History Museum
It's simple to get to Gunma Natural History Museum. To do so, take the Joetsu Shinkansen (at Tokyo Station) towards Takasaki Station. Arriving at Takasaki, you should change to the Joshin Dentetsu line to Nishi-Tomioka Station. In total, from Tokyo to your final destination, it will take about 2 hours.
However, if you are already at Takasaki Station, just take the Joshin Dentetsu to Nishi-Tomioka Station. Finally, the route is 50 minutes long.

What else to do in Tomioka
Besides the Natural History Museum, nearby you will find other attractions. It's them, the Gunma Safari Park and the Nukisaki Shrine. Nukisaki Shrine is over 1.400 years old and is home to the god of weaving and agriculture. Worth the visit!


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