Tokyo Disney Resort article
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Tokyo Disney Resort: All the Magic of Disney in One Place

Anyone who thinks Disney only exists in Orlando, Florida is wrong. Yes, the most famous is Orlando's Walt Disney World. But there are several Disney parks across the United States and around the world as well. This is the case of Disney California, Disney Paris, Disney Hong Kong, Disney Shanghai and finally Disney Tokyo, Japan. The success of the Mickey Mouse and Friends parks is tremendous. For these reasons, get to know Tokyo Disney Resort.
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Tokyo Disney Resort article
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What is Tokyo Disney Resort

O Tokyo Disney Resort opened its doors in 1983 and Japan was the first location outside the United States to host Disney parks. Therefore, the complex has two parks (the Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea), a shopping and entertainment center and several hotels.

Tokyo Disney Resort is located in Urayasu, province of Chiba, 35 minutes by car from the Japanese capital. Making it an easy attraction to visit on a trip to Tokyo. Disney parks in Japan reflect the culture of the Japanese people, as they are clean and organized (although always crowded).

In the first text of the series on the disney tokyo resort, you will find general information such as:

  • Information about Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea
  • How to buy tickets?
  • When to visit?
  • How many days are needed to meet?
  • How to get?
  • Where to stay?
  • How is the food in the parks?

Tokyo Disney Resort article
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Tokyo Disney Resort parks

As already mentioned, the two parks that make up the complex Tokyo Disney Resort are: Tokyo Disneyland and the Tokyo Disney Sea. O Tokyo Disneyland it was the first to appear, back in 1983 and is the second most visited park in the world. The park is a faithful copy of Magic Kingdom, from Orlando. By the way, it also has the Cinderella's castle as the main attraction.

Already Tokyo Disney Sea, opened in 2001 and is a park focused on the aquatic world, which only exists in Japan. In this sense, in the park is the King Triton's Castle, Dad of Little Mermaid. And so, if you need to choose just one park to visit or dedicate more time to, the tip is: choose the one Tokyo Disney Sea, for being different from everyone else around the world.

In addition to the specific attractions of each park, the parades (parades) and shows attract attention and delight the public. These parades have specific themes according to the time of year. During the Christmas period, for example, the Christmas theme excites!

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The tickets for Tokyo Disney Resort are sold through the official website or else by local agencies. As there are only two parks, tickets are easy to buy as there aren't many options. It is possible to purchase tickets for 1, 2, 3 or 4 days, or even the annual pass – which is valid if you live in Tokyo or the surrounding area.

Admission prices are the same for both parks. And there are two types of tickets: Fixed date tickets and Open tickets. The fixed date ticket determines the time you can enter the park, with the options being 10:30 am and after noon. In this way, this type of ticket has a lower cost.

The open ticket mode does not have a specific date and can be used any day and time, according to your choice. The validity period is one year. Just be aware that even with an open ticket, you may not be able to enter the park when it is full.

Currently only tickets for one day (1-day passport) and fixed date style are being sold. That is, passes for more than one day, as well as tickets with a different price for seniors are not being sold at the moment. See, below, the price lists practiced in October 2021:


Price list and ticket values

1 Day Passport

Adult (+18 years): From ¥7.900 to ¥9.400
Junior (12 to 17 years old): From ¥6.600 to ¥7.800
Child (4 to 11 years old): From ¥4.700 to ¥5.600

1 Day Passport – Fixed date (from 10:30 am)

Adult (+18 years): From ¥7.400 to ¥8.900
Junior (12 to 17 years old): From ¥6.200 to ¥7.400
Child (4 to 11 years old): From ¥4.400 to ¥5.300

1 Day Passport – Fixed date (from 12h)

Adult (+18 years): From ¥6.900 to ¥8.400
Junior (12 to 17 years old): From ¥5.800 to ¥7.000
Child (4 to 11 years old): From ¥4.100 to ¥5.000


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The parks of Tokyo Disney Resort they are usually always crowded and consequently, with huge queues. Many even take more than 1 or 2 hours to pass. Therefore, the fastpass it is essential for you to be able to enjoy most of the activities in the parks.

O fastpass it's a ticket that allows you to skip the giant queues at the attractions. To acquire yours, there are specific machines to pick them up in different places and you can issue them for free. When withdrawing a fastpass, pay attention to the time shown on your ticket (for example: 12:25 – 13:25). This means that you can skip the queue for the attraction in question at that time.

But be careful, because you can only issue one fastpass every two hours. So organize yourself to optimize your time in the best possible way.


when to visit

The truth and that Disney Resorts it's always crowded. Tickets sell out quickly and you'll have to queue at virtually every attraction. About the time of year, it is worth avoiding the months of intense winter, as it is extremely cold and high summer, as temperatures easily reach 40 degrees, making your visit somewhat unpleasant.

However, Disney's biggest events take place around the time of Halloween and Christmas. The park receives specific decorations for each of these events, there are thematic stops and special presentations. It is also worth mentioning that the ideal is to avoid the weekends, prioritizing visiting the park from Monday to Thursday. Friday is the busiest day! Followed by the weekend. Finally, Japanese holidays also tend to attract thousands of travelers and that means long queues and overcrowded rides. Be ready.

If you live in Japan, the tip is to download the app Tokyo Disney Resort, where you can plan your visit to the park, check the length of queues, the schedule of parades and shows, you can still guarantee the fastpass straight from the app. But for that, you need to have internet on your cell phone.


how many days stay

Wanting to do the parks in a hurry disney tokyo resort it is not advisable. That's because you end up running from one place to another, not being able to take advantage of it. But mainly, because the parks are always crowded and there are queues, so if you have little time to enjoy them, you'll be more in line than at the attractions. Same with FastPass.

For these reasons, it is recommended that at least two days to get to know the parks, and one day would be for Disneyland and another for DisneySea. However, as always, the longer the better. So you can even enjoy the parks in four days. And that way, visit the attractions and rides, calmly. So, if you have time to spare in Tokyo, dedicate a few days to the Disney parks.


Where to stay and eat

There are three types of accommodation at Disney Tokyo: the Disney hotels, the partner hotels, called official and the hotels that are outside the complex, in the city of Urayasu.

Disney Hotels
When staying at Disney hotels you have some advantages, such as: guaranteed entry to the parks, even when there is overcrowding; free access to the monorail (or bus service); it is possible to buy a special ticket that allows you to go and return from Tokyo Disneyland e Tokyo Disney Sea at any time and you can also enter 15 minutes earlier in both parks (benefit valid only for hotels deluxe type). However, the negative point is that Disney hotels have very expensive daily rates, which do not compensate for these advantages.

Disney hotels are divided into deluxe type, moderate type e ValueType. See below for more about each of them:

  • Tokyo Disneyland Hotel (Deluxe Type): it is opposite Tokyo Disneyland park. From JR Maihama Station, it's just an eight-minute walk.
  • Disney Ambassador Hotel (Deluxe Type): This hotel's theme is 1930's America during Hollywood's golden age. The rooms have an elegant art deco decor with unique touches of Disney characters.
  • DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta (Deluxe Type): the hotel is located inside the Tokyo DisneySea park and to get to its facilities, get off at the third station of the Disney Resort Line monorail.
  • Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel (Value Type): although the Celebration Hotel belongs to Disney, it is not located inside the complex, but in Shin-Urayasu. The hotel offers a simpler hosting service and is 20 minutes from the parks. When staying at the Celebration Hotel, you have free access to a bus that runs between the park and the hotel.
  • Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel (Moderate Type): the hotel is dedicated to Disney and Pixar's Toy Story films. Finally, the opening forecast is for April 2022.

official hotels
Official hotels have a better cost benefit within the Disney complex. When staying in one of the hotels of this type, you are guaranteed entry to the parks even when there is overcrowding, which is a super point to consider. In this sense, there are six official hotels, including some belonging to large Western chains, such as the Hilton or Sheraton.

Partner hotels in Urayasu
In the small town where Tokyo Disney Resort is established, Urayasu, there are partner hotels accredited by Disney, including transportation to the parks and ticket sales for guests. On the other hand, as they are hotels with very cheap rates, you need to research the quality before booking.

How is the food in the parks?

Park foods are usually snacks and treats. And you must agree that this type of food goes very well with a day of fun, right? But at Tokyo Disney Resort, in addition to snacks, there are restaurants with “real” food, both western and eastern cuisine.

However, the great sensation of the park is the popcorn of different flavors. There are curry, shoyo, caramel, coffee, among many others. So be sure to try them while you're there! Other snacks that are also worth trying are the oriental ones, such as Gyōza Dumpling Dog and Little Green Man Buns, for example.

Ikspiairi is an entertainment and food shopping center adjacent to the Disney Ambassador Hotel. The shopping center has 140 stores and restaurants and also houses a cinema. It's the place to go if you have time and feel like getting away from the parks.


Park Hours of Operation

Beginning November 01, 2021, park opening hours will be as follows:

Tokyo Disneyland – 9 am to 20 pm
Tokyo DisneySea – 9 am to 21 pm



Get to Tokyo Disney Resort it's easy, as the city's public transport is efficient. There are buses that leave from the main airports in Tokyo, Narita (takes 1 hour) and Haneda (takes 50 minutes). But the suggestion is that you go by subway or train, so you don't suffer from highway congestion and arrive faster.

By subway or train:
Leaving Tokyo Station take the train JR Musashino line ou JR line Keiyo and get off at Maihama Station, the closest to the park. The monorail – means of transportation within Disney – already connects directly to Maihama station, so if you need to, buy the ticket for the necessary days you are there.

There are four monorail stations (called the disney resort line) that pass inside complex. They connect the parks with each other and hotels, both Disney and partner hotels, with the parks. Just out of curiosity, to go through all the stations takes 13 minutes.

– 1st stop Resort Gateway Station:
Maihama Station (train and subway) / Ikspiari / Disney Ambassador Hotel

– 2nd stop Tokyo Disneyland Station:
Tokyo Disneyland Park / Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

– 3rd stop Bayside Station:
Disney partner hotels

– 4th stop Toky DisneySea Station:
Tokyo DisneySea Park / Hotel MiraCosta

In addition to the monorail, another way to get around the parks is by bus, called Disney Resort Cruiser.



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