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Tokyo Disneyland

Discover Tokyo Disneyland Park! The destination that is part of the Disney Tokyo Resort complex, near Tokyo, Japan. As it is the second most visited park in the world, on a trip to the Japanese capital, consider including a visit to Tokyo Disneyland in your itinerary, you will love it! In this sense, learn more about the park, as well as what its attractions are, what there is to do, where to eat and how much your ticket costs.
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Tokyo Disneyland article
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How is Tokyo Disneyland

The first park in Japan's Disney complex, the Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983 and is world famous! Data indicate that there are more than 1 million monthly visitors, the vast majority of whom are Asian – from places like China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore.

Tokyo Disneyland located in an area of ​​115 acres, it is a faithful copy of the Magic Kingdom, Disney's most famous park, Walt Disney World, in Florida, in the United States. There's even Cinderella's Castle as a central focus. But there are other attractions coming from US parks, such as the Splash Mountain roller coaster, thematic parades (parades) and much more.

The park is divided into seven themed areas. Are they: Fantasyland, Adventureland, Critter Country, Tomorrowland, Westernland, World Bazzar and Toontown. The variety of attractions delights all ages, as there are activities, rides and programs for all tastes and styles. Thus, you will find specific programs to do in each of these areas. In addition to rides and attractions, there are also shops, restaurants and hotels.

To get around Disneyland, nothing better than using the monorail (Disney Resort Line) or the free bus service, the Disney Resort Cruiser. That way, you can easily move around the park and between one attraction and another. See below for more on the main attractions of the Tokyo Disneyland.


Photo by Roméo A. on Unsplash

Themed areas and main attractions of Tokyo Disneyland park

There's no shortage of things to do Tokyo Disneyland, since in each of the seven thematic areas there are different toys and activities. The cool thing is that each of these unique attractions follows the central theme of the area where it is located.

But of course there are the most popular attractions in the park, those places that always have queues, the most sought after. And that's why you need to experience these attractions at least once. Below, in addition to the thematic regions, the main attractions of each of them are also listed.

World Bazzar

world bazaar is the gateway to Tokyo Disneyland. Decorated like a 20th-century American town, it's the park's main shopping area.


The parades are the themed parades that take place daily in the Disney parks. In this sense, in Tokyo Disneyland there are 11 parades (as they are called in English) that take place at four different times.

The parades are formed by the characters and floats, there are also choreographed dances, music and fireworks, depending on the theme. They can happen both during the day and at night, when everything gets even more special.

According to the time of year there are special parades of that period. In this sense, the Christmas parade, called Mickey Mouse and Friends Greeting Parade is the most awaited. It takes place from November 9th to December 25th and lasts 25 minutes.

Another fashion show making up visitors' favorite lists is the Electrical Parade Dreamlights which takes place at night, is 45 minutes long and features lots of lights and music. In addition to the members of the Mickey Mouse, other characters also participate, such as those from the films Aladdin e Toy Story, for example.

Via Disney Tokyo Resort official website you can see the schedule of the parades. And now you can start planning and organizing your day in both parks.


Tokyo Disneyland article
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The Land of Fairy Tales! The area is inspired by Disney classics. It is in this place that the iconic Cinderella's castle, where you can enter and learn about the history and charms of Disney's beloved princess.

In addition, several attractions in the area are dedicated to other Disney cartoons, such as Pinocchio, Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Winnie the Pooh.

One of the most recent attractions in Tokyo Disneyland is Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast, where everything is dedicated to the history of Beautiful and the Beast. An incredible experience aboard cars that dance to the rhythm of the music, while taking visitors through animation scenes.

One of the most fun toys is the Alice's Tea Party, where you get into a giant, colorful cup of tea and spin around as fast and in whatever direction you want. There are no height restrictions to experience the attraction.


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If you're into adventure, this area's attractions are for you. Among them are, a cruise in the middle of the jungle, sailing with the Pirates of the Caribbean, explore the Swiss Family Treehouse (a tree house) and walk in the Western River Railroad.

A Western River Railroad promotes an unforgettable ride aboard an authentic steam train that travels through some regions of the park, you will embark on a journey that passes through a tropical jungle to the American Old West. Fun is guaranteed.

The attraction dedicated to Pirates of the Caribbean it's a real adventure! You feel as if you were inside the film itself, as the scenes are so intense and real, even an appearance by the emblematic Captain Jack Sparrow it's part of the attraction.


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critter country

It is home to the characters from the old movie Song of the South – Br'er Fox, Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Bear. The main attraction of critter country it's the rollercoaster Splash Mountain. In addition, there are also guided canoe trips and a boat trip on the lake.

A Splash Mountain it deserves your visit. Get ready to have fun and get wet, as at the end of the course the roller coaster plunges into a waterfall – 16 meters – exciting, which splashes water on all visitors. Also, the Japanese version is smoother than the Orlando's Splash Mountain. To enter the attraction, you can use FastPass and you must be at least 90 cm tall.


Tokyo Disneyland article
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Tomorrowland explores themes related to outer space, as well as future technologies. Therefore, its attractions include the futuristic theme, with lasers and technological toys.

The main attractions of Tomorrowland are the Star Tours – a 3D experience dedicated to the world of Star Wars – and the thrilling roller coaster in the dark Space Mountain. Both can be accessed with the fastpass and there is a minimum height to participate: 102 cm.

However, the attraction inspired by the famous animation character Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear, pleases everyone! The attraction is called Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters and there are no height restrictions to try it out.


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Western country

The region dates back to the old American west and is decorated throughout with details and characteristics of the wild west. There is one of the main roller coasters of the Tokyo Disneyland, Big Thunder Mountain. In addition, target shooting toys, raft rides along the river to the tom sawyer island, a tour with the cruise ship Mark Twain and character presentations, are part of the list of attractions.

A Big Thunder Mountain it's a wooden roller coaster that takes you on a super daring ride through the mountains, passing through a gold mine. To enter the attraction, the minimum height allowed is 102 cm and there is fastpass available, so watch out for that.

The tour with Mark Twain Riverboat it's great to do at night when you've had enough of the intense activities during the day. The boat, known as Floating Palace, it looks beautiful with its night lighting.



Intended for children who visit Disney. toontown is the neighborhood where they live, live and work Mickey Mouse and your gang. Therefore, it is possible to visit the characters' homes there and there are also spaces to play and have fun – such as playgrounds with toys. Finally, be sure to take pictures with the main characters.


Restaurants at Tokyo Disneyland Park

There are thousands of options to eat in Tokyo Disneyland. From restaurant to stalls selling snacks and sweets. It was already mentioned in the other post about the Tokyo Disney Resort that you must try the popcorn with different flavors! But below, you have a list of some of the restaurants located in different areas around Tokyo Disneyland.

  • Polynesian Terrace: Hawaiian and international cuisine, located in A.
  • Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall: one of the most beloved by those who visit Disney, the restaurant is completely decorated with items that refer to the movie Alice in Wonderland and stays in Fantasyland.
  • Hokusai: located in the area of world bazaar, specializes in Asian cuisine.
  • Great American Waffle Company: to eat those famous waffles with the face of the Mickey Mouse. The place always has lines, but it's worth it. Located in the region of world bazaar.
  • Crystal Palace Restaurant: you can find everything there, as the restaurant serves a buffet with different options, from breakfast to seafood dishes and desserts. Its location is in the area of A.
  • Pan Galactic Pizza Port: for simpler snacks, the place serves pizza and resembles the restaurant Pizza Planet from the animation Toy Story.
  • Chef Mickey: located in Ambassador Hotel, in this restaurant you have the opportunity to dine with Disney characters! But be careful, you need to make a reservation well in advance.
  • Hungery Bear Restaurant: If you want to try the traditional Japanese curry dish, go to the Hunger Bear. stay in Western country.



Tokyo Disneyland Park Tickets and Times

It takes a day to visit the Tokyo Disneyland calmly and get to know the main attractions without running around. Therefore, the ideal is to reserve two full days for the Disney parks. A Tokyo Disneyland Open daily from 9 am to 20 pm.

Finally, tickets for both parks cost the same amount. Below, see the price list for tickets to the Tokyo Disneyland. However, if you still need more information about the types of tickets available, how to get FastPass and other relevant information, check out the other posts in the series of texts about the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Price list and ticket values

1 Day Passport

Adult (+18 years): From ¥7.900 to ¥9.400
Junior (12 to 17 years old): From ¥6.600 to ¥7.800
Child (4 to 11 years old): From ¥4.700 to ¥5.600

1 Day Passport – Fixed date (from 10:30 am)

Adult (+18 years): From ¥7.400 to ¥8.900
Junior (12 to 17 years old): From ¥6.200 to ¥7.400
Child (4 to 11 years old): From ¥4.400 to ¥5.300

1 Day Passport – Fixed date (from 12h)

Adult (+18 years): From ¥6.900 to ¥8.400
Junior (12 to 17 years old): From ¥5.800 to ¥7.000
Child (4 to 11 years old): From ¥4.100 to ¥5.000


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