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Tokyo Disney Sea

Discover Tokyo DisneySea Park, which is part of the Tokyo Disney Resort park complex in Japan. DisneySea is the only park themed around the myths and legends of the deep sea and offers a variety of attractions just for you. So find out how to visit Tokyo DisneySea, as well as what are its main attractions, how to get there, where to eat and other information you need to organize your visit.
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Tokyo DisneySea article
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How is Tokyo DisneySea

Opened in 2001, Tokyo DisneySea Park is the fourth most visited amusement park in the world. In this sense, it is estimated that, annually, more than 12 million visitors pass through there. And it is no less. Although the topic addressed in Tokyo DisneySea is aimed at a more adult audience, the way to charm people follows the Disney pattern. There is still that fantasy around the attractions and in each establishment within the park. And that's why he's a success among adults, but also among the little ones.

At Tokyo DisneySea you can enjoy attractions, restaurants and shops in settings with different stories and plots. Thus, the park is divided into seven ports (as the thematic areas are called) and each of them has a universe of related activities. So, see below which are the thematic ports and their main attractions.


Tokyo DisneySea article
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Themed areas and main attractions of Tokyo DisneySea Park

As soon as you arrive at DisneySea, you are faced with the AquaSphere, the symbol of the park. It is a fountain of water with the globe in the center. Upon entering the park, you can also see the huge volcano located on Mount Prometheus in the background. It's really amazing!

Parades and Parades

Just like at Tokyo Disneyland, DisneySea also has shows and themed parades according to the time of year. There are six stops and parades in total, which take place daily at the ports of DisneySea.

One of the main parades is the Christmas parade, which takes place in Mediterranean Harbor. It's called Mickey & Friends Harbor Greeting and the characters come out to greet guests while Christmas carols play in the background! Finally, the parade takes place from November 9th to December 25th.

There is a new show in the park called Big Band Beat: A Special Treat. In it, Mickey and the gang are part of an elegant jazz and dance show. In this sense, the performance takes place at the Brodoway Theater, which is located on the American Waterfront.


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American Waterfront

In American Waterfront, you can find the charms of a port area in the North East of America – in the region of New York and New England – from the 20th century. In this area is the magnificent ocean liner SS Columbia Steamliner, which has a restaurant inside.

However, the most famous and popular attraction at American Waterfront is the Tower of Terror, the Tower of Terror, which also exists in other Disney parks, such as Orlando. In this attraction, which takes place inside a haunted hotel, you take the elevator to the highest point of the park and out of nowhere, it plummets, causing screams and shivers. It's so much adrenaline that you'll definitely want to go again. And for that, take advantage of the FastPass that is available to shorten the queue time!

But rest assured, if you prefer lighter and more fun attractions, there are other options for you at American Waterfront. This is the case of Turtle Talk (which is inside the SS Columbia) and Toy Story Mania.

Port Discovery

A futuristic marina, this is Port Discovery. The area does not have as many attractions as the others, but the main ones are: Aquatopia, where boats (for two people) travel along a specific path, similar to those bumper cars, but in the water. However, the most disputed toy in Port Discovery is the Nemo & Friends SeaRider simulator. In it, you walk along the bottom of the sea, exploring marine life with Nemo and Dory.



Tokyo DisneySea article
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Lost River Delta

In Lost River Delta, there is a tropical jungle of Central America, as well as ruins of an ancient civilization. And of course, to match the theme of the area, the attractions involve the character of Indiana Jones.

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull simulates an adventure through the setting of the movie that bears the same name. The cool thing is that to access the attraction, in addition to being able to use the FastPass, if you are alone, there is the so-called Single Rider, in which you pass in front of those with you and thus wait for less time.

In Raging Spirits, you have fun on a wooden roller coaster that runs through the excavated ruins of an ancient site, complete with looping (which turns you upside down) and everything. FastPass is available for this attraction, as is Single Rider. Finally, to access the roller coaster, you must measure between 117cm and 195cm.

Still in Lost River Delta there is a place to find Disney characters dressed in the clothes of adventurous explorers. It's called the Mickey & Friends Greeting Trails.



Tokyo DisneySea article
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Arabian coast

The world of Aladdin is depicted on the Arabian Coast. The area is made up of four attractions: Caravan Carousel, Sindbad's Storybook Voyage, The Magic Lamp Theater and Jasmine's Flying Carpets.

Jasmine's Flying Carpets is one of the most popular attractions on the Arabian Coast. In it, you can fly aboard a magic carpet and you can even direct it wherever you want. In that sense, you can make your mat go up, down, tilt forward or backward.

In addition, there is also a magic show presented by Genius of the Lamp – The Magic Lamp Theater. The show is in 3D format and you can use FastPass to skip the line.



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Mermaid Lagoon

It's the world of the Little Mermaid Ariel and her aquatic friends! In Mermaid Lagoon is the Castle of King Triton, Ariel's father. The area is designed for younger children, but fun is guaranteed for all ages. Over there, you feel like you're at the bottom of the sea!

In Ariel's Playground climb the fishing net, explore a secret cave full of treasures and much more. With several games, the place is ideal for children who want to know more about the incredible world of Ariel.

Other attractions that will please the little ones are: Jumpin' Jellyfish, Blowfish Balloon Race, Scuttle's Scooters and the amazing King Triton's Concert.


Mysterious Island

In the port of Mysterious Island, prepare to face the secrets of the depths of the Earth and the sea. Inspired by the works of Jules Verne, it is the island around the enormous volcano, seen from different corners of the Tokyo DisneySea park.

There, it is possible to explore the depths of the ocean, in search of Atlantis, aboard Captain Nemo's submarine. This is the attraction called 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea.

But if you prefer, travel to the center of the Earth on the Journey to the Center of the Earth attraction, inside an underground vehicle, which is actually a roller coaster. As the path is traveled calmly, oscillating with faster ascents and descents, it is a fun ride, in general.



Restaurants at Tokyo DisneySea Park

There is no shortage of options for eating and drinking at Tokyo DisneySea. An important fact is that contrary to what happens at Tokyo Disneyland, alcoholic beverages are sold at DisneySea. In addition, there is a greater variety of restaurants and snack bars.

However, be sure to try the flavored popcorn and Mickey-shaped snacks, a Disney classic. See below some dining options that you can find at Tokyo DisneySea:

  • Magellan's: is a medieval-style lounge bar and restaurant. It is located in Mediterranean Harbor.
  • SS Columbia Dining Room: Have you ever thought about dining aboard an elegant ship? Because this is possible in the restaurant located inside the SS Columbia. With an art nouveau decor that recalls the 20th century, it will certainly be a unique experience!
  • Sebastian's Calypso Kitchen: one of our visitors' favorite restaurants. Located in Mermaid Lagoon, you dine deep within Triton's realm. The local specialty is pizza.
  • Cape Cod Cook-off: For snacks, like burgers and fries, for example. It's on the American Waterfront.
  • Restaurant Sakura: A restaurant serving Japanese food in American Waterfront.
  • Zambini Brothers Restaurant: the authentic Italian restaurant! Located in Mediterranean Harbor, it has easy access.
  • Ycatan Base Camp Grill: Located in Lost River Delta, the themed restaurant serves Mexican food. But watch out for the queues!


New port at Tokyo DisneySea

Get ready! For 2023 is scheduled for the opening of an eighth port in Tokyo DisneySea. It is called Fantasy Springs, where there will be three thematic areas, dedicated to the animations of Frozen, Tangled (Rapunzel) and Peter Pan.

In addition, attractions corresponding to the theme of the areas are also planned, as well as restaurants, shops and a brand new luxury hotel. The expectation for the opening of Fantasy Springs is great! And you understand why, because Disney continues to surprise its visitors.


Tokyo DisneySea Park Tickets and Times

It takes a day to visit Tokyo DisneySea calmly and get to know the main attractions without rushing. Therefore, the ideal is to reserve two full days for the Disney parks and, if possible, during the week. Tokyo DisneySea is open daily from 9 am to 21 pm.

Finally, tickets for both parks cost the same amount. Below, see the price list for Tokyo DisneySea tickets. However, if you still need more information about the types of tickets available, how to get FastPass and other relevant information, check out the other posts in the series of texts about Tokyo Disney Resort .

Some attractions at both Disney Tokyo Resort parks require you to have a Standby Pass. But what is this? It's basically booking your time slot online to get in a queue. Thus, you are free to visit other areas of the park, shops and restaurants and then proceed to the physical queue at the scheduled time.

To access the Standby Pass, you need to download the official Tokyo Disney Resort app on your cell phone and access the feature, which is only available after the gates open. But be aware that if a waiting time is indicated at the entrance to the venue or in the app, then a Standby Pass is not required to join the queue.

Attractions that require a Standby Pass at Tokyo DisneySea are:

  • Mediterranean Harbor: Soaring – Fantastic Flight
  • American Waterfront: Toy Story Mania, Turtle Talks and Tower of Terror
  • Lost River Delta: Raging Spirits and Indiana Jones Adventure – Temple of the Crystal Skull
  • Arabian Coast: The Magic Lamp Theater
  • Mysterious Island: Journey to the Center of the Earth


1 Day Passport Prices

  • Adult (+18 years old): From ¥7.900 to ¥9.400
  • Junior (12 to 17 years old): From ¥6.600 to ¥7.800
  • Child (4 to 11 years old): From ¥4.700 to ¥5.600



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