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Gunma Natural History Museum: An amazing journey into the past

tours and tourism

Tokyo DisneySea: Tips to Make Your Ride Awesome

Photo of Tyrannosaurus Rex replica at Gunma Museum of Natural History

tours and tourism

Gunma Natural History Museum: An amazing journey into the past

Tokyo DisneySea article

tours and tourism

Tokyo DisneySea: Tips to Make Your Ride Awesome

Tokyo Disneyland article

tours and tourism

Experience Tokyo Disneyland: A Complete Guide to Disney in Tokyo!

Tokyo Disney Resort article

tours and tourism

Tokyo Disney Resort, Disney's park complex in Japan



Fun facts about Japan: 20 facts about the country that you didn't know

Image Matter Help Card


Help Card, a document that assists people with disabilities in Japan

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Fixed or temporary employment in Gunma, Saitama, Tochigi, Ibaraki and region

Miso soup in a cup (VAGAI221221HLS)


Miso soup in a cup


Oizumi, Gunma

New Power Contractor

robotic welding operator


Kuki, Saitama
Chyoda Cosmetics Factory (VAGAH221221HLS)


Chyoda cosmetics factory

¥1.050/h ~ 1.070/h

Chyoda, Gunma

Alpha Group

Kensa and hospital product packaging


Tatebayashi, Gunma
Frozen food production (VAGAA221221HLS)


Frozen food production

¥1.100/hr ~ ¥1.200/hr

Oizumi, Gunma

New Power Contractor

press operator


Ashikaga, Tochigi


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Telephones, addresses, contacts and information to always have at hand in case of emergencies and needs. Content organized and aimed at those who live in the Kitakanto region.

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Ooizine Guide. The Best of Gunma and the Kanto Region

Oizumi, Ota and Isesaki: Meet the legitimate "Brazilian triangle"

The city of Oizumi, in Gunma, became known throughout Japan in the 90s as the “City of Brazilians”.
Firstly, the large number of descendants who came to live here.
Later, by the structure that was created around this community.
In addition, foreigners of other nationalities were arriving.
In this way, the commercial structure and services directed to these communities grew proportionally. 

Do business in Portuguese

In fact, almost 30 years have passed since then.
Even so, the community of Brazilians and Latinos who live in Oizumi remains integrated into the city.
In this way, Oizumi and neighboring cities such as Isesaki and Ota are no longer just places with a large concentration of Brazilians.
In the meantime, they have become business centers for neighboring communities.
In this way, we decided to facilitate the connection between companies and customers in the region.
To simplify the search for products or services, Guia Ooizine publishes its Trade and Services guide.
Find out who makes, sells or trades in Oizumi, Ota, Isesaki and the region by accessing our page.

Give wheels to your imagination

First of all, a car has long ceased to be a symbol of status or ostentation. That is, a car makes your day to day easier. In addition, it is an indispensable means of transportation.
In other words, you need it to go to work, go shopping, go for a walk or pick up your child from school.
In this regard, Oizumi, Ota, Isesaki and the region have a large number of car shops.
Used, semi-new, 0km, sports or utility, no matter the type or model.
In our Car Portal, you will undoubtedly find a vehicle that fits your needs exactly.
As well as a store that will definitely find that car for you.

Less work to get a job

People need a stable, well-paying job to feel happy.
To feel insurance inside the company. To be respected.
get if communicate in order to complete your tasks.
These are factors that lead to personal job satisfaction.
No Job Portal do Guia Ooizine we work hard for this.
In this sense, we provide the contact of contractors and companies that need employees.
In the same way, we also publicize job openings that are offered in various media.
All to help you find a job and make your dreams come true.


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